And the greatest of these is Love ...

And the greatest of these is Love ...
1 Corinthians 13:13

Love Song - Third Day

Sunday, November 2, 2014


Richard and I have been 'friends' for over 10 years ... several years ago we were eating at Taco Bell with friends and kids and this hot sauce packet was in with our meal. We all laughed and joked; Richard said he was going to keep it "... for the far, far future..."
On Friday, 10-10-2014, we were sitting on the sofa watching TV - being boring and normal, like we are - and he pulls out this packet from his pocket and says, "About this packet???" I looked at him, distracted by Willy and really not paying attention, and said, "what are you talking about? Why do you have a Taco Bell packet in your pocket??"
I turn to deal with Willy again and when I turn back, Richard is on one knee with the Taco Bell packet AND a RING!
I said, "Why are you in the floor...?" still not really 'getting it' in my old brain! THEN IT CLICKED! He is proposing and I am not paying attention!

Well, after the total shock settled, he asked and I said "YES"
I'm marrying my best friend ~ God is good!