And the greatest of these is Love ...

And the greatest of these is Love ...
1 Corinthians 13:13

Love Song - Third Day

Thursday, March 10, 2011


It's been a rough few days @ the Turk house ... FAT DOG (Willy) isn't feeling too well. He had to go to the E. R. Vet on Sunday morning for lower back & hip pain. A follow-up Monday morning with his Dr. confirmed he is suffering from degenerative disk ailments and hip dysphasia. In other words, he wobbles when he tries to walk, his little back legs buckle and he falls. He can't even squat to potty! BLESS HIM!
I've ordered him a brace and prayed for him ... but he is uncomfortable.
The pain meds and anti-inflammatory pills help; he just can't move around ~ he stays on his little bed unless I carry him outside. It's sooooo sad!
Lucky for him; however, because his two "BFF's" are with him! (By "BFF" I mean Best Furry Friends!!) They are watching over him and keeping him company during the day while I'm at work.
I love that FAT DOG! and, no matter what kind of mood I'm in, how I look, or if I stink from the gym ... He loves me right back ~ unconditionally!
If only more humans were capable of that type of WHOLE HEARTED love.
I sure hope this brace helps because surgery isn't an option and I can't stand the thought of him being in pain and not being able to play! That's no way to be ... that is just "existing" and he is too sweet and precious and special not to really LIVE!

Sandy C Turk
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