And the greatest of these is Love ...

And the greatest of these is Love ...
1 Corinthians 13:13

Love Song - Third Day

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gifts ...

Let me start by saying this ... I LOVE surprise gifts ~ "nothing" gifts ~ given for absolutely no reason at all, other than JUST BECAUSE and when I least expect it! MY FAVORITE ~ Daisies!
Take today for instance ... when I got home from work, I checked my mailbox only to find several things I did not want and ONE that I did ... a little box of chocolates! I have the BEST BFF in the world... it's ironic how "she" happened into my life & world, too! Another story for another day... BUT, I went 41 years without a "real" best girlfriend and then, WHAM ... I get breast cancer, new "girls" and a BFF!!! LOL!!!

I like surprise dates, too ~ dinner and movie ~ or just "nothing" stay at home and just be together dates ~ trips, too! I'm not a picky person!
I am not a "material" person ~ I'm an honest, heart-t0-heart person!

Now, having said that, let me add that I cannot function without my calendar ~ it used to be the "handwritten agenda" but now, its my YAHOO calendar on the iPhone ~ my life (and my daughters) micro-managed on a micro-chip in a cell phone! How folks manage without a calendar is beyond my realm of thinking ... I cannot comprehend it! LOL!

AND... one more thing ... I am a "Greeting Card" queen ~ LOVE THEM! I love to send them and I love to receive them! ANYTIME... for ANY REASON... EXCEPT WHEN DICTATED BY A DATE ON A CALENDAR! I knowwww... strange, isn't it!

I guess one could safely say that I'm a "just because I want to; when I want to" kind of woman!

Like I stated in the first sentence ... I like "SURPRISE JUST BECAUSE" tokens!

If I am inclined to give someone something, I want to give it WHEN I WANT TO GIVE IT!

The same goes for receiving a gift - SURPRISE ME! It's not that I don't want it, or don't appreciate it on "holidays" celebrated by the population as a whole, it's just that it is soooo much more special and meaningful when it is given and/or received JUST BECAUSE ~ OUT OF NOWHERE ~ not when EVERYONE is celebrating! (Just like my chocolates in the mailbox today(!!) not Sunday!!! LOL! The "BFF" knows me... LOL!)

However, let's take Valentine's Day for instance - why say "I LOVE YOU" just on February 14th - sending cards, balloons, FLOWERS - why not do it on April 3rd, June 18th, September 10th ...February 10th(!)... how much more special and meaningful would that be???
Personally, to me, A LOT MORE...

If I'm not loved enough to be told everyday, any day, then don't tell me on February 14th just because it's Valentine's Day!
A post it note, a greeting card, a phone call, an email ... in person ... via carrier pigeon... the "how" isn't nearly as important as the "why"...

If I love you ... I'm going to tell you! Why not??? Why wait???

Just like the brain has absolutely nothing to do with it, with "real" love, neither does a date on a calendar! - It isn't dictated by what day of the month it is, it's dictated by the HEART!
No brain, No calendar...ALL HEART and SOUL!

Most people that are acquainted with me, know me as Sandy - the "Ice Princess" - cold, stubborn, hard... however, a FEW, a very select few, have seen the other said of me - the "Fiery Passionate" Sandy.

I am both ... Ice and Fire... and I embrace both.

I am passionate to a fault ... I am 100% woman ~ from my stiletto's and "JLL" hair, to my "librarian" glasses and very "unique" sense of humor!

So, if you're reading this ... and you love someone ... tell them that you love them!

Shower them with sweet, soft "barely there" smooches and tender little kisses!

Wrap them up in your love and your hugs and all that YOU are ~ because if you give to them the beautiful, genuine, complete gift of yourself and all that is "you" ~ everyday ~ a date on a calendar and a greeting card aren't important!
The person receiving the gift of you will have everything he or she could ever want!!! And, you'll be just a fortunate when you are the recipient of the same gifts given back to you!!!


BFF... I " heart" you! LOL!!! THANK YOU!!! You really are "the bomb... tick, tock!" LOL!!!